Attorney General Warns Of Scams Arising From Severe Weather

The Indiana Attorney General’s Office has issued a warning to Hoosiers regarding scams that stem from the presence of severe weather that may cause damage to structures and vehicles.

Considering the presence of official FEMA officers across the state last April as a result of the tornadoes and storm damage that many areas experienced, including Clinton County, and with the presence of current threats and damages caused by severe weather already this year, Attorney General Todd Rokita issued a warning for Hoosiers to remain weary of scammers who may utilize the potentially hazardous conditions to pose as repairmen or FEMA officers to gain personal information to access homeowners’ bank accounts or conduct a cash scam.

“When storms of any kind hit the state, it can cause good-hearted people to trust others’ deceitful intentions when they offer to help,” Rokita said. “Please be cautious if someone approaches you about storm-related repairs and do not give your information away before doing your research.”

Rokita stated that the office has received numerous reports in the past that con artists will appear on a resident’s doorstep before promising to make the needed repairs while requiring a down payment. The repairman may then disappear with the victims’ down payment and never return to complete the work necessary.

Rokita encouraged the community to remain vigilant and protect themselves against potential storm-chasing scams by being skeptical of people promising immediate cleanup and debris removal, knowing that FEMA does not charge application fees so any request for money to qualify FEMA funds is a scam, checking contractors’ reputations before enlisting services, asking for identification, licenses and proof the contractor is both bonded and insured before making any payments, getting more than one estimate for the work necessary, never believing any promises that are not in writing, never paying by wire transfer, gift card, cryptocurrency or cash and never paying the full amount for the project before the work is completed.

Community members who may suspect a scam of any kind may file a complaint at or call the Attorney General’s office at 800-382-5516 or 317-232-6330.