Community Schools Of Frankfort Approve New Hire Basketball Coach At Board Meeting Tuesday

In the opening Superintendent’s report, Dr. Matt Rhoda and the board heard from Kristen Horrell on the Frankfort Virtual Academy.

Horrell reported that out of 35 students grades 9 through 12, in which 12 were seniors, all 12 students graduated.

The virtual academy included over 700 text messages to students and parents, with 120 or more credits earned. Three non-active participants, six summer school students, five hybrid, in-person and online learning, and one student alternative to expulsion were tallied for the school year.

Horrell also said, “What really went well was flexible communication options and diploma’s earned.”

Maddie Richardson was brought before the school board to discuss the Blue and White Byte, Quality News, Hometown Hotdogs and how to highlight the Hotdogs while interacting with local media sources, such as Clinton County Daily News and the Frankfort Times.

The board also heard discussions and updates on the Frankfort Middle School project where work continues on the performing arts center that is hidden from a street side view as the construction is underway toward the back of the school. The crews are preparing to shift their focuses to looking toward Unit B, renovating four classrooms and demolishing the old administration area as they continue the project, and the crews will utilize and recycle materials from the previous build that are not deemed obsolete.

The corporation expects that 11 classrooms on the first floor will be renovated by the beginning of the 2024-2025 school year, and photos are planned to be uploaded on the Frankfort Community School Corporation’s website in the near future of the project.

Scott Weltz provided a board update on the construction costs, stating that the U.S. Bank began with $25 million vouchers, in which $677,000 have been turned in, and The Farmers Bank balance of $3 million has not had a submission on the account.

The school board also approved the hiring of Mr. Jake Nerney as the head varsity basketball coach for the Frankfort Hot Dogs Boys team. Nerney comes to Frankfort from Saint Mary-Of-The-Woods College in Indiana, with previous studies at Marion University. Nerney will also be teaching in Special Education.

Athletic Director Ed Niehaus reported that Jake Nerney was one of five interviewed for the position, and he comes very highly recommended.