Lebanon Tigers Track & Field Teams Secure Victory During Senior Night

LHS Tigers track and field teams.
– Photo courtesy of Lebanon Tigers Athletics

The Lebanon Tigers track and field teams hosted Guerin Catholic on Tuesday evening with both teams securing victory.

The Lady Tigers placed first with 85 points against Guerin Catholic’s 33 points.

Lady Tigers Top 3 Scorers:

  • High Jump – Claire Boling 2nd and Sydnie Starkey 3rd
  • Long Jump  – Soteria Udu 3rd
  • Shot Put – Soteria Udu 1st, Carly Adams 2nd and Gabby Deakins 3rd
  • Discus – Carley Adams 1st, Gabby Deakins 2nd, and Maddy Welty 3rd
  • Pole Vault – Ciarra Hiatt 1st, Jocelyn Butler 2nd, Lily Gonzalez 3rd
  • 100 Hurdles – Jazmine Moore 1st and Elektra Moore 3rd
  • 100 – Claire Boling 1st, Edwina Yealu 2nd, and Autumn Jones 3rd
  • 1600 – Nadia Jones 1st and Sarah Keith 2nd
  • 4×100 Relay – 1st (Leila Richards, Edwina Yealu, Soteria Udu, and Ciarra Hiatt)
  • 300 Hurdles – Sha’Myaih McNeal 1st and Jazmine Moore 3rd
  • 800 – Penny Lamerson 1st
  • 200 – Soteria Udu 1st, Claire Boing 2nd, and Sophie Kyker 3rd
  • 4×400 Relay – 1st (Sophie Kyker, Penny Lamerson, Nadia Jones, and Claire Boling)

The Tigers secured first with a total of 86 points compared to Guerin Catholic’s 23 points.

Tigers Top 3 Scorers:

  • High Jump – Kaden Lark 1st
  • Long Jump – Jeremiah Howard 1st, Kaden Lark 2nd, and Reece Guyman 3rd
  • Shot Put – Mason Crew 1st and Ty Reagan 2nd
  • Discus – Mason Crew 1st, Ty Reagan 2nd, Alex Bernal Santos 3rd
  • Pole Vault – Chase Tucker 1st, Jack Howard 2nd, and Cade Spanhook 3rd
  • 100 – Kaden Lark 1st, Jeremiah Howard 2nd, Jeffry Jones 3rd
  • 1600 – Aydan Wetter 3rd
  • 4×100 Relay – 1st (Aaron Gosewehr, Themba Mkwananzi, Lewis Toney, and Sammy Torres)
  • 400 – Cisco Luyindula 1st, Isaac Harvey 2nd, and Reece Guyman 3rd
  • 300 Hurdles –  Samuel Mukendi 2nd and Elijah Horn 3rd
  • 800 – Tyler Meyer 1st, Curtis Hicks 2nd, and Aydan Wetter 3rd
  • 200 – Jeffry Jones 2nd and Jeremiah Howard 3rd
  • 4×400 Relay – 1st (Cisco Luyindula, Isaac Harvey, Curtis Hicks, and Tyler Meyer)