Whitestown Staple, L.A. Cafe, Receives Boone County 180 Makeover Award

L.A. Café, a beloved fixture in Whitestown celebrating its 22nd year in business, has been awarded a Boone County 180 Makeover grant. This initiative, part of the broader 180 Alliance for READI 1.0 funding, aims to enhance downtown Whitestown’s vibrancy and support local businesses like L.A. Café in their growth and development.

The $136,000 grant, allocated to the Town of Whitestown, will facilitate interior improvements at L.A. Café, including restroom renovations and expanded cold storage space. This investment signifies the program’s commitment to revitalizing downtown areas and nurturing long-standing businesses that anchor the community.

Dan Patterson, Town Council President, expressed enthusiasm for the project, emphasizing its role in revitalization efforts and in attracting new entrepreneurs to Whitestown. “It’s a testament to our commitment to growth, ensuring Whitestown remains an exceptional place to live, work, and dine,” remarked Patterson.

The Boone County Economic Development Corporation (Boone EDC) is spearheading the 180 Makeover program within Boone County. Molly Whitehead, CEO of the Boone EDC, highlighted the importance of supporting downtown areas as the heart of the community. “Downtowns are the heart of our community, and we are eager to create additional spaces for small businesses and entrepreneurs to grow,” stated Whitehead.

Jessica Averitt, owner of L.A. Café, expressed gratitude for the grant, acknowledging its significance beyond business improvement. “Receiving this grant to renovate L.A. Café is not just a boost to our business, but an investment in Whitestown,” said Averitt. “It is about investing in our future and ensuring we continue to thrive, providing even better services and experiences for our customers.”

The makeover project at L.A. Café is set to commence in the mid second quarter of 2024, with an anticipated completion date in late 2024 or early 2025. This marks the third approved project under the 180 Makeover program for the year, with additional initiatives in the pipeline for approval.