Boone County Sheriff’s Office Warns Of Scammers Impersonating Deputies Through Calls, Texts, Emails

The Boone County Sheriff’s Office released information regarding a new scam that has become to affect the citizens of Boone County as callers, texters and emailers have begun to impersonate Boone County Sheriff’s Office Deputies.

The Boone County Sheriff’s Office stated that scammers are impersonating deputies in an attempt to steal the recipient’s money and personal information through calls, texts and emails. According to the department, the communications include claims of urgent issues or threats of arrests if the recipient of the communication does not comply.

The Sheriff’s Office released means for community members to combat the efforts of the scammers, following four actions, “stay calm,” “verify,” “do not share,” and “report it.”

According to the department, recipients of the communications should remain calm as real deputies will never demand immediate payment over the phone for infractions. As well, recipients should verify the authenticity of the call by hanging up and calling the Boone County Sheriff’s Office directly at 765-482-1412. Community members should never give out personal details or financial information, and suspicious calls should be reported to local authorities immediately.

“Stay vigilant and spread the word to keep our community safe,” the department released.