Clinton County Central Dispatch Getting New Look Over This Summer

If everything goes well in the next couple of months, the Clinton County Central Dispatch is going to some brand new digs by the end of this summer.

“Today (Tuesday) was kind of the final piece of the puzzle for getting (Clinton County) Council’s final approval, informing them where the money’s coming from,” said Central Dispatch director Renee Crick. “I already have money budgeted and I have some additional money that I can just transfer to cover this process. We’re excited to now place the order and we hope the by the end of the summer to have this project completed.”

What Dispatch is doing is getting eight new consoles along with adding another full-time employee which will now give them five dispatchers to help with the ever increasing public safety calls that Dispatch is now getting.

Crick also said it will be about eight weeks for the consoles to come in and another two weeks for the other things that will take place as electrical work and probably re-establishing a back-up system at the police department like they hand before getting the center they have now at the Sheriff’s Department.

“We currently have four positions and we’re going to add a fifth position,” said Crick. “Then we are replacing the original four console positions when we get the new ones. They’ve lasted us well since 2010 and it’s time now to update that.

“We’re also going to paint and re-do some electrical with lighting and then we have to add additional electrical to the new positions as well,” added Crick.

Crick also said everybody is looking forward to have all the new changes in place. They just want to make sure everybody has public safety services during the renovation.