Witham Health Services Conducting Health Needs Assessment

Witham Health Services is conducting a health needs assessment for our community. Between now and the end of November you may receive a phone call or email from PRC – Professional Research Consultants, an independent research firm Witham has engaged to assist with the surveys.

MaryBeth Searles, Director of Marketing and Public Relations at Witham said “The purpose of this assessment is to identify major health problems, gaps in services and other factors which may contribute to less than optimal health status for residents of our community. Witham is required to do this survey every 3 years. Once this assessment is complete we will work to develop strategies and goals for improving the health of our community.”

Please help Witham Health Services by completing the random email survey or phone survey if you are contacted. For questions or concerns about legitimacy of this survey please call Searles at 485-8107.

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